Client Testimonials

"Working with Jeanne this past summer was the best way to get back into running. It had been six years since my last marathon and being new to the area, I was looking for a group that would enable me to train, meet some great people and learn more about Maine. Jeanne is an excellent coach that tailors the training to everyone's ability. I would do it again."
- Curtis P., Topsham, ME

"I feel so fortunate to have taken the step to sign up and embark on the journey with you… I ran all 13.1 miles and finished under 2 hours—they were my goals and I reached them. It was unbelievable. Once upon a time many years ago I was an accomplished athlete—someone who was fortunate enough to represent the United States in some international tournaments as a national team field hockey player. I worked hard and it paid off with some incredible experiences. The joy I felt on Sunday made me realize that for me, a sense of athletic accomplishment is important to defining me and it has been entirely too long since I felt that bliss. Thank you for your encouragement, patience, enthusiasm and belief in me even when I did not believe in myself… it is really you I have to thank for giving me the ability to know I could do it. Thanks again for all that you did for me and for the rest of the group. You really did make runners out of us."
– Janet L., Yarmouth, ME

"Again, I want to say a HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to both you and Paul for an amazing training, I had an absolute blast every step of the way! I was so excited the day of the half marathon and although I am still recovering it was one of the best experiences in my life to date. I am definitely interested in keeping up with my running and doing more races, some 10ks and 5ks… It was so wonderful to have you both cheering every step of the way."
– Nora G., Saco, ME

"Even though Jeanne and I approach running from much different paces, I knew she was with me every step of the way through her insightful, supportive, and loving words. There is an essence about Jeanne that makes you want to work harder for yourself."
– Ellen T., Yarmouth, ME

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